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South Devon College Football Academy

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On this site I'll include everything I can about the football academy, including player bio's, news and injuries, photos and much more.

On this website I hope to show you all about the players and coaching staff and how we are getting on as a team.
Thank you for looking at our site and hope that you will continue to look at our website regularly to check out our progress.



Here is our squad and positions.

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Gk. Dean Munday
Gk. Rob Ralph
Gk. Carl Hoare
Gk. Mario Panayiotou
Lwb. Marc Hagland
Rwb. Liam Coyle
Rb. Kieran James
Rb. James Davidson
Rb. Andrew Simpson
Cb. Daryl Kewley
Cb. Paul Hutchings
Cb.Chris Williams
Cb. Frazer Thomas
Cb. Kevin Dadd
Cm. Harry Carpanini
Cm. Daniel Endacott
Cm. Dave Kelly
Cm. Simon Atkins(c)
Rm. Louis Hughes
Rm. Daniel Willatt
Rm. Martin Ware
Lm. Sam Churchill
Lm. Matt White
Fw. Scott Dodgson
Fw. Michael Sanders
Fw. Danny Horsfall
Fw. Jonny Briscombe
Fw. Louis Davies
Fw. James Horn