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South Devon College Football Academy


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Here's a chance for you and me to know what has been said about the site.

What I love about the web is the opportunity to share my thoughts and passions with others. But I also like to hear what others think and to exchange ideas.

On this page, I'll share some of the comments I've received in my Guestbook and via e-mail. In some cases, I may also respond to the comments. Please get in touch!

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name: Tom Buckler
                                    comment: alrite buddy, nice website. gr8 idea - not sure if u'll get as 
                                    many visitors as the ecfc site but still ;). spk 2 u l8er 8.


name: dan endacott


comment: well done frazer this site is really good and im glad you took
the time to create this site on our football academy. cheers mate


name: Megan Hornsby
                                    comment: Well done, I know you took a lot of time on this site and it 
                                    really shows. Congrats, its looking great xx


name: Sophie
                                    comment: Hi Fraz, as you no Im not a great fan of footie so this site 
                                    doesn't mean a lot but it still looks really good babe! Well done. Im so 
                                    glad everything is goin good for you. 
                                    See ya soon babe
                                    Love Sophie x x
name: Jonny Heavens
                                    comment: Hey mate, Wicked Site, Keep it up, nice to know what happening 
                                    in the academy, catch you later jonny

name: Phoebe Turoczy


comment: Hi every1! well done you've dun so well in all ure games and
good luck 4 the future! :)
love phoebe xx


name: de Young


comment: Louis Hughes is a sex god!!


name: Michelle Cann


comment: Omg, i can't believe u did this?? woo, well done babe, im so
proud! :) ! x x x x


name: Daryl Kewley


comment: nice 1 frazer.endi is a stuck up bastard. Daryl Kewley=legend


name: scott dodgson


comment: Nice 1 mate this site good for the academy I scored more goals
than 4. Why have you got that gash lee pooley player on it?


name: Michale Jon Sanders


comment: Hello a big thank you to keith the rabbit, John Prescott and
Tony Blair and major thank you to Osama bin laden because george bush
and i like people like him. thank you please hope u dies soon love myke



name: liam cafu coyle


comment: hey fella cool website fanx 4 the good rite up giv u dat 5 need a better pic tho.


name: lucy barrett


comment: i love frazer hes the best!!!
mykes alrite 2tho lol


name: lucy chubb


comment: i love u all xxx


name: Claire Shephard
                                    comment: Hey Frazer well done on the website its proper good! Hope to 
                                    see u soon! xx xx
name: michelle
                                    comment: the website looks really great. Well done fraz u have done a 
                                    wicked job. the pics looks really funny. i like the 1 wid myke lol. Ur 
                                    all *stars*.