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South Devon College Football Academy

Match Reports
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Match reports!!!

Academy Vs The College Team
Before the game, the academy boys felt under a little bit of pressure after recent criticism. The college team were a mixture of academy, and normal college students (50/50). The college team kicked off and almost immediately Scott Dodgson won the ball and passed the ball to James Horne who spread the ball to our left back Daryl kewley, Daryl playing on his weaker side plays a delightful ball down the wing to our man of the match Marc hagland who crossed the ball in and to his surprise and everyone elses the ball hit the post and went staright in after after 15 seconds. The academy dominated the first 30 minutes of the game with very little chances, but lots of possesion. Just before half time, the college team had a few chances, with Matt White going closes when he hit the post with a left foot strike from the edge of the box. Matt White had a very good game out on the left wing for the college team. Matt White is one of the many academy players playing for the college team. The others included Dave Kelly, Russell Cooper, Keiran James, Israa Sigola, Mario Panayiotoy, Jonny Briscombe, Rob Ralph, Daniel Endacott, Martin Ware. Chris Williams went closest to adding a second with a double header saved by Mario who was superb in goal.
2nd Half
Half time substitutions:ON: Danny Horsfall, Michael Sanders, Simon Atkins, Dan Willett, Frazer Thomas. OFF: Harry Carpanini, Sam Churchill, Scott Dodgson, James Horne, Chris Williams.
For the second half Daryl Kewley and Frazer Thomas played centre back with Kevin Dadd Switching to left back with andrew simpson right back. Louis Hughes Right wing with Simon Atkins and Dan Willett Centre Midfield and Marc Hagland left wing. Michael Sanders and Danny Horsfall Leading the attack. The academy came out flying in the second half with four quick goals. Louis Hughes scored our first of the second half by robbing dave kelly of the ball and slotting it home. Michael Sanders scored our second of the half with a brilliant cross from Danny Horsfall which Michael calmly played into the botom corner with a brilliant finish. Marc Hagland scored two goals the first was with a brave header from Danny Horsfall who went for a 50/50 with mario and brilliantly headed the ball back to Marc who put the ball in the back of the net his second was a penalty who was conceeded by Dave Kelly with a clumsy tackle on Louis Hughes. Later on in the game andrew simpson got sent off for foul and abusive language towards the referee. The Game ended 5-0
Ratings 0-10
Dean Munday          7
Daryl Kewley           8
Kevin Dadd              7
Chris Williams         6
Andrew Simpson     5
Marc Hagland          9
Harry Carpanini        6
Sam Churchill           7
Louis Hughes           7
Scott Dodgson         7
James Horne           7
Frazer Thomas         8
Dan Willett               8
Simon Atkins           8
Michael Sanders       8
Danny Horsfall          8


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